Elevation, or Canopy Elevation, is a process of removing the lowest limbs of a tree in order to “raise the canopy” – allowing more sunlight to reach the ground and create more clearance for mowing, walking, or driving under. 

Combined with an effective trimming, Canopy Elevation helps create more ventilation through branches for a healthier tree. 


In addition to improving the health of your trees, Canopy Elevation can help underlying lawns thrive by allowing more sunlight to filter through the tree’s canopy. If your lawn is covered with too much shade, allowing more sunlight to permeate through the tree’s limbs will help it grow.

Perhaps you have a nice big yard but lack usable space due to low-lying limbs? Well, Canopy Elevation will help solve that problem and reclaim your lawn. Now you can build that beautiful deck you’ve been planning, or a swing-set for the kids. 

Your trees will be healthier and your yard will have more usable space!

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Even the most capable of homeowners can benefit from working with a true tree-care professional. Save yourself the headaches of dealing with chainsaws, bush-hogs, and the like. We will arrive on-time and treat your home and property as if it were our own.


For some great tips on pruning and other great tree maintenance ideas, check out the Arbor Day Foundation website, a non-profit conservation and education organization.

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