Hurricanes, tropical storms, and even the occasional strong thunderstorm can wreak havoc on trees and your property. When a storm hits, trees and limbs can be strewn across your yard within minutes. 

Storm cleanup can be a very time-consuming and physically draining task. Chopping up fallen trees, removing limbs and debris, and other general cleanup needs can be entrusted to the professional at Klimb Pro.

We’re local, we live on the coast too, so we know how it feels. You want your life and home restored to normal as soon as possible. If a storm hits and you need someone to help clean up your yard or business, give us a call and we’ll send someone over to evaluate your needs. 

Call 910.540.5249 to speak to a Klimb Pro Expert Tree Care specialist today!


Even the most capable of homeowners can benefit from working with a true tree-care professional. Save yourself the headaches of dealing with chainsaws, bush-hogs, and the like. We will arrive on-time and treat your home and property as if it were our own.


As you know, hurricanes are dangerous and can be deadly. Check out this site for some great tips on hurricane preparedness, and be sure to share it with others who may need it. 

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Storm Cleanup